The McGowan Fellows Class of 2011 

David Adelman
University of Pennsylvania | The Wharton School

 "Attending the Symposium and meeting the
other Fellows was a great honor and learning
experience. Working with the other Fellows reinforced the importance of teaching our nation's future leaders about ethical decision-making. I am confident that we are laying the groundwork for an impactful ethics curriculum. I look forward to many years of engagement with the

foundation and future classes of McGowan Fellows." 

 Brooke Cashman
Georgetown University | McDonough School of Business 
 “Business school provides many insistent, competing demands on your time. Yet, the inaugural group of Fellows were so inspired by the mission of the McGowan Fund and Fellowship that we decided to make building this program one of our most important ‘team projects’ throughout our second year.
 Through retreats, service projects and frequent contact with each other,
we have begun to build a community –a community that we hope will grow and continue with you. We hope you will share our enthusiasm of creating a close-knit group that is dedicated to the McGowan vision of impacting lives, creating change, and promoting ethical leadership in business and society."
 Liana Humphrey
Duke University | Fuqua School of Business 

“I am honored to have been a member of
the inaugural class of McGowan Fellows. The Fellowship
gave me the opportunity to learn about Bill McGowan’s legacy, build relationships, and explore issues of business and ethics. I look forward to meeting the next class of Fellows, whom I know will be an impressive group of intelligent, thoughtful and ethical future business leaders. "
 Dane Johnson
University of Michigan | Stephen M. Ross School of Business

“The Fellowship has been an incredible opportunity to continue my personal development above and beyond what I achieved in  business school. Each of us comes from a different background and the strength of that diversity is present in all our interactions. I look forward to staying in close contact with the other Fellows and the William McGowan foundation."

 Amit Koren
University of Chicago | Booth School of Business

“I remember writing my McGowan Fellowship
application essay, referencing the value of 'the
community of McGowan Fellows.' As I reflect back, it is inspiring to see that this abstract notion of 'community' has morphed into real friendships. I fully expect to stay in touch with the nine other Fellows and look forward to meeting the new class of Fellows.”
 Daniel Kruse
Carnegie Mellon University | Tepper School of Business 

“Common goals, interests and drive for the pursuit of excellence tie us together and will amplify the level of impact that we can achieve in the world. I now feel that I am part of a community that I can count on when challenges arise, that I can learn from when knowledge
is requisite and that I can help when my assistance is required."
 Mukund Kulashekaran
Dartmouth College | Tuck School of Business
 “The McGowan Fellowship provided me a wonderful opportunity to meet some great minds in the form of the other Fellows and the McGowan Fund Board. It was a great learning experience to explore the complex issues of ethics and sustainability in today’s business world. I appreciate the openness of the McGowan Board in embracing the ideas in shaping the fellowship for the future.”
 Gordon McLaughlin
Columbia University | Columbia School of Business

“Perhaps most importantly, the Fellows program allowed me
to develop strong relationships that have played important
roles in my professional, educational and personal development. Through the McGowan Symposium, the Fellows project work, the mentoring program and through a few nights out on the town, I have formed bonds with the Fellows and others that I am confident will be maintained for many years."

 Kanaka Pattabiraman
Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Sloan School of Management

“I distinctly remember the surprise and excitement I felt upon seeing the email informing me that I had been selected as a McGowan Fellow. That email marked the moment when I started on a remarkable journey – the financial support from the award enabled me to spend time working for a non profit in Africa and pursuing entrepreneurial ventures in the developing world. I have developed close friendships with the other awardees. I have been inspired by Bill McGowan's story – it reminded me that Davids can win against Goliaths. As you embark on your own journey I hope the award enables you to pursue your dreams and develop lasting friendships, as it has for me."
 Frank Sasso
Northwestern University | Kellogg School of Management

“Building relationships with other Fellows,
Board Members and Fund staff has been very
rewarding and has deepened a personal connection we now all feel with Bill McGowan. A very special community is forming, one with
bonds that will strengthen over our lifetimes."